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Bozena Dar

Bozhena Dar is known today as a popular modern Ukrainian singer, who belongs to the cream of society and world-class stars. The girl was born in the city of Dnipro, in 1988 on August 7th. Bozena Dar biography says that the artist performs her musical compositions in pop and rock style.
Bozena Dar who is this?
Despite the fact that the birthplace of the girl is the city of Dnipro, Pavlograd can be safely called her place of residence, since her childhood years were spent there. Bozena's creative career began in the distant past. The singer received her school education, having studied at school at number 1. She went to piano lessons, where, in addition, she was taken as a vocalist of the choir. After 3 years of study, she decided to start a solo career, and therefore left school. Then she entered the Palace of Culture, where she studied solo singing up to the 11th grade.
Plus, she participated in the Rainbow choreographic ensemble and hosted television programs.
Bozhena Dar Wikipedia will also talk about how the formation of a girl as a singer took place in the capital of Ukraine. For 4 years, from 2005 to 2009, she studied at KNUKiI in choreography and directing, while simultaneously doing vocal activities.
She could also be seen in the show ballet of Kozlovsky Vitaly, after which she moved to the show ballet The Best.
Singing career
Bozena Dar can be downloaded today on the Internet. Since 2017, the success of solo performances began with the composition "Come Back". A little later, together with Rostislav Kushchin, the track "Favorite" was recorded. Rostik himself was the initiator of the writing of the text part for the single. The next song "My Sun" was released in 2018 at the beginning of spring. It was just a masterpiece hit.
The Swindler's Project
For three years, the girl was the vocalist of the Swindler's team. In addition, she also owns the authorship of some of the band's compositions. During the entire existence of the team, the guys recorded about 8 tracks and filmed 3 videos.
In 2014, she participated in the revolution of dignity. She was part of the Women's Singing Battalion, which supports people who took part in the hostilities, and are currently in the hospital for rehabilitation.
Two years later, the girl organized the "School Voice" project.
In 2018, she was awarded by the Minister for the fact that thanks to her, an important contribution was made to the development of art and Ukrainian culture.
Together with the public association "Golden Lions of the Black Hundred", active volunteering was carried out. Charity performances have been held many times in various Ukrainian cities.
Also, the artist took an active part when they unveiled monuments to outstanding writers of Ukraine, and monuments to everyone who died during the hostilities in Western Ukraine.